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An ongoing collaboration that transformed operations, streamlining the festival experience with comprehensive technological solutions.

Dokufest Event App

DokuFest, the renowned international documentary and short film festival held annually in Prizren, Kosovo, stands as a beacon of cultural expression and cinematic excellence.

Event management app

Our collaboration with DokuFest has led to significant advancements, notably through the development of an innovative event management application. This tool has revolutionized the way the festival operates, streamlining everything from scheduling to logistics and ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike.

Store app

In addition to the event management app, we crafted a comprehensive store management app tailored for DokuFest's physical merchandise operations. This application simplifies inventory and sales processes, bringing efficiency and clarity to their retail activities.

Ticketing system

Moreover, we introduced a brand-new online ticketing system, specifically designed to enhance the accessibility and convenience of attending the festival. This innovative platform allows film enthusiasts from around the globe to easily purchase tickets, fostering a wider audience reach and simplifying the process for attendees. This development marked a significant leap forward for DokuFest, enabling it to connect more seamlessly with its growing international audience.

Dokufest Website

The new website

Additionally, we undertook the task of revamping DokuFest's website, transforming it into a more engaging and navigable online space. This redesign focused on improving user experience, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly find information about the festival, view the film schedule, and access the archive. With a refreshed aesthetic and optimized functionality, the new website not only reflects DokuFest's vibrant spirit but also serves as a central hub for the festival's expanding community, enhancing its digital presence and accessibility to a global audience.

Festival archive

Perhaps one of our most impactful contributions is the digitization and organization of DokuFest's extensive archive. This monumental task involved bringing decades of film history online, offering easy access and ensuring the preservation of this invaluable cultural heritage. Through these initiatives, our work with DokuFest has not only boosted their operational efficiency but also significantly enriched the festival's cultural impact, securing its legacy for future generations to enjoy.

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