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Our collaboration with DokuFest revolutionized its operations and digital presence. We enhanced the festival experience with a suite of solutions including an event management app, a new online ticketing system, and a redesigned website, alongside streamlining merchandise sales and archiving. This holistic approach significantly elevated DokuFest's organizational efficiency and global engagement.

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National Democratic Institute — NDI

Our partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) propelled their organizational efficiency to new heights. Through the development of a comprehensive app, we streamlined their diverse range of activities, including workshops and trainings across multiple projects. This bespoke solution not only centralizes data but also provides detailed statistics on stakeholders, empowering NDI to make informed decisions and enhance their impact on a national scale.

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Ipko Foundation — IF

Our collaborative efforts with Ipko Foundation have been integral to revolutionizing their organizational operations, empowering them to seamlessly manage a multitude of events, participants, donors, vendors, objectives, grants, and registrations through our innovative technological solutions. By developing a custom event management app, streamlining donor and donation management processes, facilitating vendor engagement, tracking project objectives and outcomes, simplifying grant management, and centralizing various registration forms and a comprehensive database of schools, organizations, and other key contacts, we've significantly enhanced Ipko Foundation's operational efficiency and effectiveness, enabling them to focus more on driving social impact and fostering innovation, education, and entrepreneurship in Kosovo.

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