What we are is

We are engineers, designers, doers, players.

We spend most of our time thinking. Talking is a relaxed activity which helps us produce our best work.  The whole thing is a choreographed chaotic play.  We rush slowly, avoidingly calculating risks. We're known to succeed.

Staying open leads to discovery.

what we make,

 Making web software  and having others find their way in them,  makes us happy.  We design web experiences and write clean code that makes it work.

with people who believe in

Nothing is set in stone. Repeat processes make more money, but dull prosperity. There are no formulas, only trials filled with previous lessons. A believing bunch helps us surprise ourselves and jump higher hurdles.

great things.

A web application is an abstract product that works. Few well–placed bits of code can create new habits, which are hard to break.

Can we do these things? —We've sort of done them, already.

Can we repeat them?  —Recycling is good for garbage, not so much for innovation. 

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In business since June 1st 2009